Numitec can design your web-based systems and marketing sites to operate without cookies.

What Is A "Cookie"?

A cookie is a text file sent by a remote web server to your computer. Cookies are usually used to let a remote web server know which user is linking to it by tracking user information from page to page. Cookies can serve beneficial purposes, such as holding the contents of an online shopping cart.

Cookie Misconceptions

Cookies also have a reputation for causing problems. But cookies cannot act like programs, worms, or viruses, they can't generate pop-ups or spam, and they can't read or erase information from your computer.

The Real Cookie Problems

Cookies from some websites are described as spyware by many anti-spyware programs because they allow users to be tracked when they visit various sites. And cookies can be modified by a hacker to steal session identities.

Skip The Cookies

Numitec's web-based systems can be designed to eliminate cookies entirely by keeping user information in the form of an encrypted code on each page link. The advantages of this code include the ability of the site to track access and valid member information every time a page is accessed, which keeps out unauthorized or deactivated members. The encrypted code employs several "check" digits, rolling digits, IP addresses, and other information, preventing the code from being constructed and used by another member or a hacker. The code also protects pages with private information from being shared and viewed by unauthorized users.

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