Data Processing

Most credit interchange systems require you to submit your accounts receivable (or other data) on a regular basis.

If you submit your data to a service provider who requires you to rearrange or filter your data into a fixed format, you're already familiar with that time-consuming and frustrating task.

Numitec Can Process Your Data For You

We realize that your business may not be able to afford the programming necessary to modify your reports. That's why Numitec can accept any type of raw data, text, spreadsheet, or XML report, even if reports need to be linked together to meet information requirements (such as a customer list and an activity list). If your reports contain the information required by your group's system, Numitec can do the work for you.

Numitec Can Remind You To Send Your Data

Your group's system with Numitec can be programmed to remind you to submit your data via e-mail, text messages, and/or any other form of notification. Data can be submitted by e-mail attachment, to Numitec's FTP site or XML listener, or by direct file uploads to your Numitec web-based system.

No Hidden Charges

You won't find hidden charges for the programming necessary to extract information from your reports. Your group's contract with Numitec includes all data processing and programming.

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