RSS And Podcasts

Numitec can design RSS feeds and podcasts into your group's marketing website.

What Is "RSS"?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It's a technology that allows websites to broadcast news, updates, and podcasts. You can choose RSS feeds and podcasts from your favorite websites, then all of that information is available in a single RSS reader (also called an "aggregator").

What Is A "Podcast"?

Podcasts are video files broadcasted by a website.

How Do RSS Feeds And Podcasts Help Our Group?

RSS feeds and podcasts can contain content targeted to promote group membership and participation.

What Does RSS Cost?

Most RSS readers are free, and many are easy-to-use, browser-based services. Numitec does not endorse or promote any particular reader or reader service, but a reader can be found easily by searching for RSS reader.

No Hidden Charges

You won't find hidden charges for RSS programming services. Your group's contract with Numitec includes all marketing services, website hosting, programming, and domain names.

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